Alex Collins has not Signed Letter of Intent Because of Mother?

By Taylor Johnson
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

In what will probably go down as the craziest story of the National Signing Day events today, five-star and top running back Alex Collins has not signed his letter of intent because apparently his own mother has confiscated the document. The reason you ask? His mother does not want him to sign with the Arkansas Razorbacksa team he committed to back on Monday.

It seemed all but certain on Monday night that Collins was set to join Bret Bielema and the Razorbacks. But all that is up in the air as Collins’ mother has allegedly taken his paperwork as she wants her son to stay closer to home and choose the Miami HurricanesCollins is from Fort Lauderdale, FL and attends South Plantation high school.

It is definitely a crazy day today and this story makes the drama of the day that much more. Some are saying that Collins will eventually wind up signing with the Razorbacks, however until pen meets paper and Bielema and his staff receive that fax I will not believe it.

If you’re the Hurricanes, this has to give you a glimmer of hope that Collins signs with the program. Chances are that it is the Razorbacks that will end up with Collins, but it’s signing day and anything is possible. What you learn as you follow college football recruiting more and more as the years go on is to never say never.

Anything can happen on National Signing Day, and it will be very interesting to see how this story unfolds. Keep it here as we will keep you updated on the story.

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