Anthony "The Cat" Barber Will Be Best ACC point guard in 2013-2014 Season

By Dave Daniels
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony “the Cat” Barber will be going to N.C. State next year and he will be the best point guard in the ACC conference. Why is that? Because Marcus Paige has yet to live up to his potential at the University of North Carolina and most of Duke’s depth next year will be in the front court. (Although they will have a strong one with Jabari Parker joining the Blue Devils.)

Barber will shine above the rest of the point guards in the conference because of his ballhandling and scoring ability. It remains to be seen how far he will be able to carry the Wolfpack next year though. That will depend on where Julius Randle ends up committing. If it is to the Wolfpack, which Barber should be campaigning for, then the Wolfpack will have a shot at winning a share of the regular season ACC title and could even make some tournament noise. Randle recently tweeted some photos of his visit to the ‘Pack and appeared to have a good time with his mother on the visit.

A pairing of Randle and Barber in the pick-and-roll would be quite a formidable play to run, assuming of course that Randle recovers fully from his foot fracture. Barber will finally give the Wolfpack an elite floor general, and though he won’t beat out Jabari Parker for ACC freshman of the year, he will be the best point guard on the floor in 2013-2014. You can definitely pencil him in for All-ACC freshman first team point guard.

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