North Carolina Tar Heels Should be Desperate to Land Andrew Wiggins

By Dave Daniels
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

North Carolina needs to land Andrew Wiggins. Roy Williams knows this and that’s why he visited the young man in early January. Wiggins has been reserved about his recruitment process and does not really like all the hype and media attention that has come with. Williams visited Wiggins on January 14th with one of his assistants, and though there is no word how the visit went, Wiggins will be visiting the Tar Heels this spring.

Why does Williams need Wiggins when he has already put together a solid recruiting class? Two reasons: Duke and N.C. State. Duke recently landed the number two ranked prospect in Wiggins’ class, Jabari Parker, and the only answer for the Heels would be landing number one. N.C. State, meanwhile, has put together a solid class as well with Anthony “The Cat” Barber already committed and the possibility of landing the top PF in the class Julius Randle.

Williams will not lose out on Wiggins for lack of trying. Grant Traylor recently wrote for the Herald-Dispatch, that “there is no one who has been more visible in Huntington than Williams, whose first order of business after surgery to remove benign tumors from his kidneys was to visit Wiggins at the Marshall Rec Center on Oct. 23.”

It paid off a little bit. recently reported what Wiggins’ spring visits will be. He will go to Kentucky on Feb. 27th, Kansas on March 4th, and North Carolina on March 9th. Let’s see if the Tar Heels can get Wiggins to commit on March 9th and keep up with the rest of the ACC.

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