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Cooperstown High School Students Vote To Change Mascot’s Name from the Redskins

Clinton Redskins

Telegram Photo – Bashar Alshabi

The Daily Star’s Greg Klein reported recently that Cooperstown High School students brought a proposal to the school’s Board of Education to change their mascot name from the Redskins to something else. “These people up here are elected officials. We answer to the voters, and it is our job to make this decision,” President David Borgstrom said.

The Coyotes, Deerslayers, Hawkeyes, Pathfinders and Wolves were some of the new suggested mascot names for the school in New York.

“The board will take these names to heart and make the final decision,” Borgstrom said. The Board did not make a decision on Wednesday, but one will be forthcoming. It was of note that it was the students who brought the proposal to the board and many current students spoke out at the meeting.

“I find the name offensive,” Cooperstown junior Catherine Borgstrom said. “It is not okay with me to be called the Redskins.”

Good for the students for taking action about something they felt passionately about. It’s interesting that it can sometimes be the youth who are the largest impetus for change in a community.

This comes on the heels of Roger Goodell addressing the Washington Redskins team name at Super Bowl Media week. Goodell is from the Virginia area, so don’t expect immediate action. It definitely does not mean the ‘Skins will be changing their name in the coming years, but it could bring additional pressure to do so.

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