DePaul University Needs to Make a Strong Run at Jahlil Okafor

By Dave Daniels
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

As a DePaul University alum, I know all too well how bad they have been at basketball as of late. Oliver Purnell has tried to revive the program, but what they really need? A five star prospect.

Jahlil Okafor certainly fits that bill. What do the Blue Devils need to do to convince Okafor? They need to get to him through Tyus Jones. They have both publicly stated they want to play college basketball together and if the Blue Demons can convince Jones to consider their program they will have a strong shot to land both blue chippers.

Purnell could completely turn over the offense to Jones and Okafor. Okafor is one of the best big man prospects in recent years and is a true bask to the basket big man. Being Emeka Okafor’s cousin means that he has it in his genes, but he has also shown a dedication to improving his game that would shine at the college level. Okafor might appreciate the opportunity to play near home as well if the Blue Demons can convince Jones.

Jones is the top rated player in the 2014 class and the idea of Jones and Okafor running the pick and roll together is a terrifying prospect.

Is this a long shot for the Blue Demons? For sure. They have missed out on hometown products Dwyane Wade and Jabari Parker in recent past, but recruiting Jones and Okafor would heal all their wounds and make them a force again in college basketball.

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