Mike Bibby is Selfish for Making Son's Basketball Game About Him

By Dave Daniels
US PRESSWIRE- Anthony Gruppuso

Mike Bibby’s son recently won a section playoff game, but that is not what the headlines have been about. ABC’s Arizona affiliate reported that the former pro was ejected from the stands, and Bibby’s comments about the referee are just really juvenile.

“I think the ref had a little ego problem before the game started,” Bibby told Arizona Sports 620. “I kind of got on him early in the game and he told the police to watch me, or whatever. I was just sitting there and I told him, ‘That was a bad angle, number 23 wasn’t in the play, ref,’ and he just pointed to the police and the police came and got me.”

Bibby really shouldn’t have taken issue with the ref and should have been more low key during the game to make sure the story was more about his son’s team winning than about his ejection. He went on to say that he thought if he wasn’t a pro veteran nothing would have happened.

“No, the other crowd (Sierra Linda High School fans) was crazier than I was,” he said. “They told me that everyone on the other side was worse than I was.”

That may be true and maybe the referee was just on a power trip, but come on Bibby, just let your son continue his run at a state title in peace. It’s not about you right now; your time is up.

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