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Julius Randle “Loved” The Wall Mural They Made of Him at N.C. State, “Best Visit So Far”


Julius Randle is the top rated power forward in the 2013 basketball recruiting class. He recently visited North Carolina State and wrote about the visit on his player blog.

“That next morning they came and picked us up and we were hanging out and I saw someone had tweeted me a picture of this big wall painting they did on me,” Randle wrote. “It was crazy so I told my boy Rod (Purvis) that he had to take me there to see that. We went over there and I took a picture beside it. I had to. That’s definitely the craziest thing a fan has ever done for me. I loved it.”

Huge props should go out to the fan that painted the mural. Randle is also considering Kentucky, but he also wrote that State set the bar real high with his visit there.

“All in all, I’d have to say that this was my best visit so far.”

That has got to be music to Wolfpack fans’ ears; Randle also wrote about meeting Anthony “Cat” Barber, who is one of my favorite prospects in this class. Randle and Barber running pick and roll together would be so much fun to watch and State would actually have a shot at winning the ACC if Randle commits. That day should come sometime in the spring and ‘Pack fans will hold their breath until that fateful day.

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