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Matt Jones, Duke Commit, Prays Before Every Game; He’ll Get Along with Jabari Parker

Duke Blue Devils

Mark Dolejs-US Presswire recently reported a superstition that DeSoto (Texas) five star shooting guard Matt Jones, a Duke Blue Devils commit, has to do before every game.

“I know most players do this before games, but it’s not just something to do for me. I have to get that prayer in before the game,” Jones told USAToday. “I’ve forgot to do it before and I’m just all over the place. It’s a must.”

It would be interesting to compare the box scores of games in which Jones forgot to pray and the ones where he did.

“It calms me down and lets me know that everything is going to go the way it’s supposed to go. It’s hard to explain, but it’s even harder to get through a game if I don’t have this.”

Jones will get along well with Jabari Parker, an LDS church member or Mormon. Not sure if Parker prays before every game, but he has talked openly to the media about the power of prayer and even mentioned prayer as a possible reason he was able to come back from his foot injury so quickly. Mormons are encouraged to pray a lot and do so many times at a typical service.

Jones is the third ranked shooting guard in the country according to Scout, and it will be exciting to see him and Parker on the floor together next year.

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