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Andrew Wiggins “Deep Down Wants to Win A National Championship”

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

For all the folks out there wondering what will be the driving factor for Andrew Wiggins, top player in college basketball’s 2013 class, recruiting decision, well here it is is. His head coach Rob Fulford was asked if any schools were in the lead by the Courier Journal.

“No, they’re all still in it. I think whoever wins the visits is going to have a one-up. Then after, they sit down and evaluate rosters. I think deep down he wants to win a national championship,” Fulford said. “I can’t figure any kid wouldn’t, but he has to evaluate the fit, style of play, how everything works for him in a team aspect with all rosters. Right now with Kentucky, for example, they have a lot of kids coming in, and they have a lot of kids that I’m not sure are ready for the draft. But Andrew, I point-blank asked him, ‘If Julius Randle commits to Kentucky, are they out?’ He said, no. So it’s not going to be who’s where. It’s going to be who’s where with the team. He’s not going to eliminate Kentucky because the Harrison twins are there; I mean that’s crazy. That’s been made too much about not only about Andrew but also Julius. I mean they’re great players. They’re pros.”

That is super interesting and it could mean that Wiggins is even MORE likely to join Randle, if he chooses a team that Wiggins is still considering. Keep an eye on this one, it could be a roller coaster.

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