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Mike Hvizdo Reinstated as the Weston High boys basketball coach

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Westport News has reported that Weston High (CT) boys basketball coach Mike Hvizdo, who resigned in his second season on Feb. 6 after a perceived scandal over his participation in a film from 2003 called “Forbidden Fruit,” has been reinstated.

The film is apparently “raunchy and R-rated” and was sent to some of the school’s administrators. They apparently did not like what they saw, but have changed their mind’s about Hvizdo losing his job.

“I wouldn’t say I’m surprised because I never lost hope,” Hvizdo told Westport News. “I’m not surprised. This whole ride has been surreal and kind of shocking. I’m probably still in shock over the whole ordeal and how silly it was.”

This was a truly bizarre situation and congratulations to Hvizdo for getting his job back. He only was out for five games and his team has a state playoff game upcoming. It seems the administrators just made a rash decision, and they must be embarrassed that they have to expose their own ignorance by reinstating Hvizdo. What a national media mess those administrators made.

“I’m grateful. I want to thank the administration for reinstating me and bringing me back into the Weston family and also I really am forever grateful for all the people (who) supported me and voiced their opinion during this whole ordeal,” Hvizdo said.

Wow. What a strange world we live in.

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