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Wisconsin Badgers Lose 2014 Commitment QB Chance Stewart

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In a move that shocked pretty much no one, four-star 2014 quarterback Chance Stewart (Sturgis, MI/Sturgis) has decommitted from the Wisconsin Badgers and will re-evaluate his options.

The move is absolutely no surprise to this writer as the new Badgers coaching staff has had little to no contact with Stewart since they have taken over. Not to mention, they have made no secrets of looking at other quarterbacks from the class. Stewart committed to Wisconsin back in August of 2012 and was recruited by then head coach Bret Bielema and company. Even after the coaching change Stewart stated that he would remain with the Badgers.

But with new head coach Gary Andersen and his new regime, Stewart is apparently not the quarterback he is interested in. The Badgers staff dragged their feet contacting Stewart and have begun to look elsewhere

It is a shame as I am high on Stewart who is a pro-style quarterback and would fit well with the Badgers. Looking at his junior highlight film, there were a few things that caught my eye. Although he does not have the greatest mechanics ever, they are far from horrible. He stands in the pocket nicely and seems very much at home. Stewart hangs in the pocket and pressure does not affect him at all. I’m a sucker for a quarterback with a great play action fake and Stewart’s is great. He hides the ball well and really sells the run on the play action pass.

Will Stewart still wind up in Madison come signing day next year? That I’m not quite sure as there are a number of Big 10 teams who have offered Stewart as well as a number of programs around the country.

I think the Badgers dropped the ball on this one as the offers will only continue to roll in for Stewart. If I was a betting man, I would put my money that Stewart will end up elsewhere.


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