Cypress Bay Kicker Johnathan Semerene Launces 70 yard field goal

By Dave Daniels
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports reported that Cypress Bay High School (Weston, FL) kicker Johnathan Semerene made a huge kick earlier this year; it was measured at 70 yards (Wow), and was a beauty. You can see video of the kick below.

This is quite an impressive kick and it should get the notice of college football recruiting scouts around the country. Semerene is not currently ranked on, but it that will probably not last very long after that bomb of a kick.

Granted it is a very different thing to make those field goals on an empty field with your kicking coach there, but could he make the same field goal with thousands fans screaming for you to miss and the game on the line. Anyway, I don’t really have room to criticize; pretty sure I couldn’t kick in a field goal from even 10 yards Maybe Semerene will prove his worth in a game next year though, and then he might be looking at a college football scholarship.

Anyway, nice chip shot from this young man and we will just have to wait and see if he makes some more big kicks during a live game. That sure would be something, and I’d love for him to hit a 70 yarder in a live game situation. Wonder if his coach would even let the young man try. He’s certainly proved he is capable.

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