LB Edward Williams Going to Tulane After Mom Wouldn't Sign Texas Tech Letter of Intent

By Dave Daniels
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In a very odd story, linebacker Edward Williams signed with Tulane after his mother refused to sign his letter of intent to Texas Tech. The player out of Warren Easton Charter School (New Orleans, LA) apparently doesn’t like Tulane at all, but his mother wants him nearer to her.

“Right now things have been shaky, because my mother does not want me to go to Texas Tech,” Williams said to before signing day. “She has her reasons, but I still prefer to be in Lubbock. She really wants me to go to Tulane, but I do not like it there. So it has to be where I am happy.”

Tulane I’m sure will be happy to have a player of Williams’ quality, but will he really be better off at a school he doesn’t like? Williams is apparently more at peace with his decision at the moment, but still a very odd situation to be in. Williams is the 64th ranked linebacker in the country according to and he might see a bit more of the field at Tulane then he would at Texas Tech, so that might be a plus for Williams. The downside is weaker competition, but every rose has its thorn.

My advice to Mama Williams? Sometimes you have to let your little bird fly away before he can truly come back home.

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