LeBron James Tweets His Son's Miami City Baller 3rd Grade AAU Highlights

By Dave Daniels

LeBron James recently tweeted the highlight videos of his oldest son playing AAU ball.

His son’s name is LeBron James Jr. and he was born on October 6, 2004 to James’ high school sweetheart and current fiancee Savannah Brinson. They were engaged on New Year’s Eve 2011, and their ceremony is upcoming. Here is the video of James Jr.’s team.


Comments below the video on youtube claim that LeBron is number 0 and Juwan Howard’s son is number 23. They are both pretty decent and James Jr.’s move at 1:36 is reminiscent of his father.

Couple comments on the video: that coach needs to get something than a soccer board to write the plays on. Come on coach, you can do better than that. Also, the music in this video is pretty dramatic for a 3rd grade AAU game don’t you think?

This was fun to run across and one of my favorite parts of the twitter generation. Athletes can show their personal side to their fans and it makes to see unique and fun stories, videos, and pictures. LeBron James also commented on the Serge Ibaka fine on twitter and I’ll be putting my commentary up on that later tonight, so stay tuned.

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