"Ferocious" Jabari Parker Leads Simeon Academy Past Jahlil Okafor's Whitney Young to the Super Sectionals

By Dave Daniels
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker was called “ferocious” by the high school cube broadcaster after the game. He led his Simeon Academy Wolverines to a 69-51 victory over the Whitney Young Dolphins and when Parker hugged his friend Jahlil Okafor after the game, Okafor had his jersey pulled over his head and he appeared in tears. Don’t worry young man, you all will be back next year and you’ll probably bring back state.

Whitney Young’s season is now over, while Jabari Parker and the Wolverines will continue on the road to another state title; the game tonight was honestly the biggest hurdle in that goal for them, but is not over yet. I actually tried to go to this game, but it was sold out sadly and even my attempts to illegaly scalp tickets were foiled.

Simeon’s dream of 4 straight state championships is now still alive, and there are only a few games to go. I will definitely watch the full tape of the game at some point tomorrow and give a full recap of the events. It is always fun when there if full game tape of Parker, and that will be the nice thing about him playing college ball; he’ll be a lot easier to find on TV. I’ll also do my best for my readers to be at least one of the sectional playoff games, and until then, stay hungry my friends.

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