Gut Feeling that Julius Randle Will Go To N.C. State

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle should probably commit to the Kansas Jayhawks or Kentucky Wildcats. By all means, he would probably have the best chance to win championships at those two schools other than any of the other schools on his list. But why does my eye keep going back to the N.C. State Wolfpack for Randle?

Was it the mural that was painted there that he instagrammed a picture of himself in front of? Is it his high school teammate who is going there that sways my thoughts? Or is it the prospect with the best nickname in the class, Anthony “The Cat” Barber, who will be going there as well? Honestly that is probably the reason. The thought of a Barber-Randle pick and roll has captivated me for some time, and hopefully they are on the same squad in the McDonald’s All American game at least, because the fans deserve to see it at least once. Hopefully, I will be covering the game at the United Center; it should be a great game.

It could be any of those reasons, and as Randle’s decision deadline approaches, I can’t wait to see where he lands. My gut is telling me one thing and my brain another. Let’s just see if my gut feeling is actually a gut feeling, or just a hope that will be squashed.

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