Randall Cunningham II to Be Starting High School QB Next Year

By Dave Daniels
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN recently ran a piece on Randall Cunningham II who will be starting quarterback for his high school team next year.

Apparently Cunningham want to live up to the standards his father, the former pro, set.

“I knew I had to live up to that,” Cunningham II told ESPN. “He’s been there and done everything at the highest level. I decided I had to be better than that.”

Randall Cunningham, his father, has tried to instill all of his values into his son.

“I took everything I learned from the NFL, and I just poured that into him,” said his father the elder Cunningham. “He’s faster than I was [at his age], faster than I was in college, and he knows more of the game. He wants more and more and more. And I don’t push have to push him like some of these dads. It’s not like that. He just naturally has been given a gift from God to be a great athlete, a great friend and a great son.”

Cunningham has not started a game yet, but that will change next year and the offense will be handed to him. It will be interesting to see if he has his father’s savvy on the field, because he has already proven that he has the athletic ability to succeed. Now it’s just a matter if he has the mind for it or not. It will be super interesting to see where he goes to school, and I anticipate watching a great del of his college games.

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