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Cornerback Damon Webb’s Prospect Profile

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cornerback Damon Webb is an athletic freak.

He can be either a wide receiver or a corner back at the next level. His catch at :52 is impressive, and his interception at 1:51 is just studly, and then to have the presence of mind to keep that ball in bounds and then take the ball back for about 30 yards is just plain intelligent. He makes a catch at 3:02, which shows how he could be used as a receiver in late game red zone situations. He has that ability and I know coaches like to specialize guys when they get to college, but I really think Webb could be utilized in four or five receiver late game situations. Having just a few packages installed where he can come in and just be a decoy. If they don’t cover him? Then take the free 15 yards.

Webb will probably just be used as a shutdown corner though and that will be plenty effective on its own. He is the type of corner that you can just sick on the other team’s best receiver and then call it a day.

His catch at :32 of the highlight reel is impressive as well; he really shows the damage he can do with an open field in front of him, and I really have to say that I hope he gets at least some action at wide receiver in college. Granted he will probably be a pro corner back, but just throw him one or two plays a game.

You can follow Dave on his twitter handle @ALLDave_AllDay or if you prefer you can like his Facebook page here.

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