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Andrew Wiggins Would Be Revered if He Joined the UNC Tar Heels

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A Bleacher Report pice by Josh Benjamin calls Andrew Wiggins, Harrison Barnes 2.0.

It is an intriguing comparison and was an enjoyable article to read. The comparison will become a bit moot, if Wiggins decides to go elsewhere after the UNC Tar Heels lost their Duke Blue Devils rivalry game at home with Wiggins in attendance.

I actually think Wiggins is a bit more athletic than Barnes and will be able to attack the rim with more ferocity thant the former Tar Heel star. Barnes though had a smooth jumper from both three point land as well as the midrange. It’s that part of his game that was most lethal actually and Barnes developed into the Tar Heels’ crunch time scorer. I’m remembering the forty-plus points he scored in the ACC tournament. It’s a shame we never saw what that team was capable of with a healthy Kendall Marshall, but oh well.

Don’t know how exact the Barnes-Wiggins comparison is, but the hype factor might be similar. Barnes to me was a bit more polished than Wiggins at his current age, but Wiggins’ potential is higher due to his elite athleticism.

One thing is for sure, Wiggins would absolutely be revered in the same way Barnes was. If he could bring the Heels another ring, then he would be even more revered than Barnes. It seems we are just a couple months away from finally knowing Andrew Wiggins fate.

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