Julius Randle’s Decision Only 5 Days Away, Kansas Jayhawks in Possible Lead

By Dave Daniels
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle recently set his college decision date as March 20th; he will make the announcement at his school. He also recently tweeted the following.

Patience has definitely been a virtue in following the top rated power forward in the 2013 college basketball recruiting class as well. He is still considering N.C. State, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Knowledgeable scouts though, have said they believe it is a two horse race between the Kentucky Wildcats and Kansas Jayhawks. Well, only one horse can win this race and my money is on the Jayhawks, but you can never count on John Calipari in situations like this. Calipari already has a very strong class though, and Randle might be limited in what he can show NBA scouts at the college level if he goes to Kentucky. On the other hand, he might make a national championship run there and then be in the spotlight all year. It is a hard call to make.

My readers know that my hope is that Randle goes to the Wolfpack and helps Anthony “the Cat” Barber lead a resurgence for the school. Childish hopes like this one are the things that keep me engaged, so please forgive any ignorance on my part as a result. The smart money goes to the Jayhawks, where Randle can both contend for a title and get great playing time.

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