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Newest Kentucky Wildcats Commit Julius Randle Writes “We’ve Got A Lot to Prove”

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle recently committed to the University of Kentucky Wildcats and he knows next year’s class is capable of special things. He also insists though that they will come in with plenty to prove.

“Next year we’ll come in and do what we need to do,” Randle wrote on his USATodayhss.com blog. “Now I know that people said the same thing coming into this year, but I think the difference is the situation. We’ll have a chip on our shoulders after this season. Those guys this year had the bull’s-eye and we won’t look at ourselves like that. We’ll feel like we’ve got a lot to prove even if everyone’s saying we’re great and all that.”

Randle does not necessarily buy into the Fab Five hype, but he knows that this is a group who can “specialize roles” and really be successful doing that. Jalen Rose recently wondered on twitter if the Wildcats will start five freshman like his old Fab Five team.

“We’re not worried about all the hype with people saying we’re the best class ever and we’re better than the Fab Five,” Randle wrote. “We haven’t proven anything yet. That’s what next season will be about. Proving.”

Next year’s Kentucky team should be a LOT of fun to watch. We’ll just have to see what they can prove to the world.

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