Andrew Wiggins Eyes Are On North Carolina Tar Heels Right Now

By Dave Daniels
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins has been famously private about his recruitment and it is hard to blame him in this twitter-era we live in. He is still considering Florida State, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas.

For the North Carolina Tar Heels? This is a crucial point in time. When Wiggins visited Chapel Hill, all he got to see was a beat down of the Heels to their rival Duke Blue Devils. It could not have left a good taste in his mouth. Since then? The Heels fought their way to the ACC tournament title game and they will attempt to get to the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow.

If the Heels can beat the Kansas Jayhawks tomorrow (which would be a first for Roy Williams by the way), then the Heels will be the only team left in the tournament on Wiggins’ list. Why is this a big deal? Because out of sight is out of mind. It will be more likely that Wiggins goes with the Heels, if they can prove that with their current team they can make a tournament run. They won’t return the same team next year, but they will have enough of their starters back that Wiggins will take a good long look.

Roy Williams probably doesn’t need any more pressure to beat his old team, but here it is. Coach, tomorrow not only this season hangs in the balance, but possibly next season as well.

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