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Andrew Wiggins Would Be A Top Five Pick In This Year’s NBA Draft


Andrew Wiggins is still undecided on where he will go to school. LeBron James didn’t have to go through this, because the rules were different then. James jumped straight into the pros out of high school and produced instantly on the court.

Now our high school seniors have to go to school for at least one year. Wiggins has to choose which school he will attend next year before he enters the draft the following year. It does seem a bit unfair that Wiggins can’t go and play the sport he loves as a job, but one thing is certain. Wiggins would definitely be a top five pick in this year’s draft if he was eligible.

Think about it. Who would he be rated under? If Nerlens Noel hadn’t torn his ACL, then I would say him, but the injury complicates things. Who else would you draft over Wiggins? Maybe I’d take Jabari Parker if he was available too, but I wouldn’t take Ben McLemore over either of them. Did you see how McLemore disappeared in the NCAA tournament. Yikes, that probably dropped his stock significantly.

Wiggins will eventually make his decision, but it hardly matters where he goes to school, because we will see him in the pros one day with LeBron James. That will be a fun matchup to match; the best of the USA versus the best of Canada. (All due respect to Steve Nash)

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