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Butler Bulldogs Head Coach Brad Stevens Will Thrive in the Big East

US PRESSWIRE- Jamie Rhodes

Butler Bulldogs Head Coach Brad Stevens will thrive next year in the Big East. Stevens has always impressed me as a coach; you can tell that his players take on his style and they are must watch television in March. His Gordon Hayward team was one of the greatest buzzer beater of all time from winning the national championship. Unfortunately, that shot went just off the back iron.

They made another improbable run to the championship game the next year, although it was not as exciting of a game. Butler will be moving to the Big East next year and Stevens will benefit greatly from being in a bigger conference. He can now sell an even more competitive regular season to potential recruits and his team will have a better shot at getting into the tournament as well. His Butler teams usually needed to get an automatic bid to get in the tournament, but not anymore.

Stevens is one of the most fantastic young college basketball players in the country and it would not surprise me to see him win a national championship one day. This move to a bigger conference could help him make that dream a reality. It will probably not happen next year, because of all the lottery level talent coming to college. It could happen in the next five years though.

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