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North Carolina Tar Heels Are Getting Owned In Recruiting By John Calipari

Mark Zerof – USA TODAY Sports

The North Carolina Tar Heels have not had great luck the last couple years. Last year’s team lost Kendall Marshall to a freak injury and were eliminated in the Elite Eight. This year’s four guard lineup couldn’t find their way into the Sweet Sixteen although they played considerably better at the end of the year. Ultimately though, when you live by the three then you die by the three.

Meanwhile, John Calipari has just put together one of the best recruiting classes in college basketball history. Julius Randle’s commitment was a huge moment for Calipari and it could have a snowball effect. That is fact. Andrew Wiggins has yet to decide where he will go to school. Will the Heels get bested by Calipari once again? Let’s just say that I have a really horrible feeling in my gut and I don’t think it’s my lunch.

The Heels have some quality recruits coming in next year, but what is the ultimate goal? To win a national championship and the Heels are not poised to do that in the near future. Wiggins would be the only thing that would change that conversation. But if Calipari has his way again? Then the Heels are no closer to getting another championship, then they are to outrecruiting John Calipari this decade.

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