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Rant Sports Exclusive Interview With Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year Andrew Wiggins Part 1

Gatorade- Susan Goldman

Below check out excerpts from my interview yesterday with the Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year Andrew Wiggins. Part 2 to come later today. Much thanks to the good folks at Gatorade and to Andrew for making the time as well.

Andrew, first and foremost congratulations on being named Gatorade’s high school basketball player of the year. Does it feel real to you yet?

AW: It’s just a blessing to me that I was given the opportunity to put my name on a list among some of the best athletes in the world right now. Being from Canada and being the first Canadian to get the award is also a big thing. So it’s big for Canada, because it might give a lot kids in Canada hope that they can make it too.

How was it to surprised by Alonzo Mourning today?

AW: It was crazy, I was just walking to school thinking it was a normal school day, and I see Alonzo Mourning walking toward me. I was just like… shocked you know? He’s just a good guy.

What was your parents reaction to the news?

AW: I haven’t had a chance to talk them yet about it, but I know they are probably shocked, not shocked but happy for me, and just happy for this opportunity for me.

Will you be watching your brother’s Wichita State game (they play later today) on TV or going to the game?

AW: I’ve been watching them. It’s just amazing to be part of something so special like that, going down to the Sweet Sixteen his first year at a D-one college. I wish him all the best in the game; I hope he plays well and his team wins.

Is there anything your dad has helped you with in your game?

AW: Yeah, you know he could shoot, so I try to be like him; I try to be a great shooter. I work on my shot a lot. He could also play defense, he was a defensive specialist. So I think my defense is pretty good right now. He was really athletic just like me, and he was a scorer just like me.

Thanks for reading everybody, I will have part 2 of this interview up later today. Thanks again to Andrew and Gatorade.

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