Andrew Wiggins Meeting With John Calipari Does Not Necessarily Mean He Will Join Kentucky

Mark Zerof – USA TODAY Sports

Does Andrew Wiggins’ recent meeting with John Calipari mean anything? Nope. Because Wiggins has been very private about his recruitment; he barely confides in his coach, because he knows everything will be turned over so many times.

If Wiggins joined the Kentucky Wildcats and Calipari in Lexington, it would likely be hailed as the greatest college basketball recruiting class in histrory. (Heck it is already being called that)

At North Carolina, Kansas, or Florida State he would be the featured player and some have said he could have a “Kevin Durant”-like impact. At Kentucky, he would still be a starter, but he likely would not have as many minutes. I guess it comes down to whether Wiggins wants to be the star of a blue blood program and try to bring them another championship (North Carolina and Kansas) bring a relatively obscure program into prominence (Florida State) or become another cog in what would likely be the best recruiting class of all time.
Aaron Harrison, Andrew Harrison, and Julius Randle are nothing to sneeze at, but neither is Andrew Wiggins. Something tells me that he will succeed no matter where he goes. As he recently told a Bleacher Report interview, I believe he can play in any of those four offenses. In fact, any of those four offenses would be lucky to have him.

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