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James Michael McAdoo Should Hope Andrew Wiggins Joins UNC

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

James Michael McAdoo came off the bench of last year’s North Carolina Tar Heels team. He thrived in situations where he was often going up against bench tier talent, but he did show flashes of brilliance, and then decided to come back for a sophomore campaign.

This year? He was made the go-to offensive option and we all saw how that worked out. Roy Williams even switched to a four guard line up midway through the season in order to give McAdoo more space on the low block. Since last year McAdoo’s draft stock has slipped significantly and he should stay in school one more year for it to rise back again.

What should McAdoo be doing right now? Probably recruiting Andrew Wiggins the best he can, because Wiggins would do wonders for McAdoo’s draft stock next year.

Wiggins will be in Chicago starting tomorrow to start practices for the McDonald’s All American game next Wednesday, and is currently undecided on a school. The Tar Heels are on his list though.

Wiggins would create even more spacing on the floor with his knockdown three point ability and would also give the Tar Heels a player who is destructive when he drives the lane. Wiggins play could potentially raise McAdoo’s draft stock all the way back into the top 10.

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