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Andrew Wiggins Is Most Likely Waiting on James Michael McAdoo Before Making His Decision

Rob Fulford- Twitter

The Andrew Wiggins’ decision deadline ticks closer every day. It will be like Christmas for the fans of whatever team he chooses and pure hell for those who miss out on his greatness.

The great Paul Biancardi had a thought on why Wiggins has waited so long to make a decision.

This is actually quite wise from Wiggins. He was waited to make his decision until he has as much information as possible. The information Wiggins probably wants to know is whether James Michael McAdoo and Reggie Bullock will remain Tar Heels next year. Some interesting and hopefully game changing stuff popped up tonight on twitter and the unabashed Tar Heel fan in me cannot help but get excited.

If this is true, then Wiggins could be packing his bags for Chapel Hill and then we are in for one of the best individual rivalries in college basketball history with Wiggins and Jabari Parker playing each other at least twice a year. It should be a wild ride my friends.

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