Andy Enfield's Coaching Style Will Improve USC Trojans Recruiting

By Dave Daniels
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

When Florida Gulf Coast made a Sweet Sixteen run in this year’s March Madness they had the college basketball world transfixed with their intense defense and high flying alley-oops. Now former Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield is the head coach of the University of Southern California Trojans.

“Things change so quickly in this business based on success or failure,” Enfield said. “I never would have imagined all of this. Never.”

Enfield now has the task of getting the Trojans to a level hopefully above some of their other California neighbors. The thing that might help him? What he coaches his players to do out on the court.

“At FGCU, no one knew who we were or what the letters stood for,” Enfield said. “It was like a marketing strategy. How do we put our name out there? What are we going to be known for? So we went with an up-tempo style, a fun style of play. We’re trying to do something similar at USC. The huge advantage here is the national name recognition. We just have to create a brand for USC basketball.”

Now Enfield has a whole ‘nother level of brand and celebrity to deal with. He claims he isn’t that funny, so let’s hope he deals with it by just winning games. That cures a lot of ailments.

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