Ishmail Wainwright Will Be A Star Next Year For the Baylor Bears

By Dave Daniels
Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

If Ishmail Wainwright hadn’t fouled out late in his team’s game of the NHSI tournament, then we could have been looking at the tournament’s MVP. Wainwright though fouled out of the game against Findlay Prep and his team went home early, but his play was not missed by me.

This kid can flat out play. He is already a great size for his probably position and in the game I watched him in, he was basically the defacto point guard. They really only trusted him to have the ball not because of his scoring ability (which is elite), but because of his ball handling and passing ability. Those abilities of his are extraordinary as well.

He will be joining the Baylor Bears next year and though I don’t know know much about that program, I do no know one thing: I feel really sorry for that team’s starting point guard.

He is about to be relegated to essentially a spot-up shooter, because Wainwright can probably already and handle pass better than him.

You could see Wainwright’s game blossom before your eyes at NHSI; he was leading the team on the offensive and defensive end despite being in foul trouble most of the game. You could tell he was just discovering that he could thrive as a go-to player.

Watch out college basketball; the Wain-train is coming down the tracks and anyone in the way is about to get run over.

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