Rob Fulford Claims Andrew Wiggins "Doesn't Know" Decision or Timetable Yet

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Andrew Wiggins has apparently been cutting back on the interviews lately.

“He talked to a few of the national media, but he really did not talk to anyone locally,” said Rob Fulford, Wiggins’ coach at Huntington (W.Va.) Prep. “He talked to USA Today and one group from Canada, but he refused Sports Illustrated. He just didn’t want to do a lot of interviewing. It’s the same questions about wanting to know the timetable for a decision and where he’s going. He doesn’t know.”

Wiggins doesn’t know, and that’s what is making college basketball recruiting bloggers all over the country offer their own opinions. I’ve offered mine, I will not deny.

Apparently Fulford and Wiggins were both at dinner when the rumor surfaced from an ESPN tweeter that he would be going to Florida State.

“I texted Andrew across the room and said he needed to tweet out something to stop this from blowing up so I could enjoy my dinner,” Fulford said. An additional rumor has popped up lately that Fulford might be offered a job with the Louisville Cardinals.

“If the position was offered to me at Louisville, I would take it. But that’s not saying Andrew is coming there,” Fulford said.

Wiggins cancelled his three in home visits this week, but it is a possibility that he could take those visits next week. Wiggins sure is taking his time, but taking that time will ensure that he makes the best decision possible.

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