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Andrew Wiggins Is Closed To All Media So Personal Bias Is Reflected Back

Gatorade- Susan Goldman

A piece today came out on a Tar Heels blog that claimed the North Carolina Tar Heels would be better off without Andrew Wiggins. This is just absurd and I won’t link to the piece because that’s just not very polite when I’m about to trash it.

I will quote it for a bit though. The piece claims Wiggins is “an attention seeker. He’s a drama-king. Andrew Wiggins is a one-and-done type of athlete. Hey, actions speak louder than words and all signs point to a look-at-me type of personality.”

Andrew Wiggins is not a drama king. He is a closed book; he discusses his recruitment with his father and his mother and nobody else. His father and mother likewise give him that trust and do not talk to the media. Remember how you used to see me quote Jabari Parker’s dad a lot? That’s because Sonny Parker would speak to different press people. Ever see a quote by Mitchell Wiggins out there? Let me know if you do.

The reason bloggers out there get so frustrated or convinced Wiggins is leaning one way (been guilty of that here) is because he gives us nothing to go on. Therefore we reflect all our own biases onto him, instead of letting the young man be just another high schooler who is choosing where he will go to college.

Even if he is not in college very long, let’s give the young man space to make his decision, while also acknowledging that he would be of ENORMOUS help to whichever basketball team he ends up on. To claim otherwise is absolutely absurd.