Andrew Wiggins Says His Olympic Competition to Team Canada Should "Be Worried"

By Dave Daniels
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins has never been afraid of anyone and he believes he can compete against the best in the pros as well as the Olympics.

“It wouldn’t really be intimidating for me [to play in the NBA] because it’s always been a dream of mine,” Wiggins said to Yahoo Sports. “In a year, hopefully I will be physically and mentally ready to go against the top players in the world.”

Wiggins has said before that he would like to bring Canada home a gold medal within the next ten years. With Steve Nash running things for team Canada and Wiggins peaking in the next 8 or 9 years? It could be fun to watch and Wiggins is putting the whole world on notice.

“Everyone should be worried,” Wiggins said.

Nash is the general manager of Canada’s national team, but he will likely not play on the team. He will help assemble it, and Wiggins would be the crown jewel, the Candadian-LeBron James so to speak.

Nash has apparently been speaking to Wiggins though and called him a “pretty tough player.”

“He’s a young kid trying to figure it out with tremendous skill, tremendous athleticism,” Nash said. “For us, we want to be a support system for him and try to allow him every opportunity to develop his skills and his game and mature as a player and realize his dreams.”

We’ll see if Wiggins does just that; in the meantime we all await his college decision patiently.

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