Miami High School Student Asks Dwyane Wade To Prom

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

This is getting more and more common place and is it just me or is it getting kind of sad. First Kate Upton has to respond to some pimple faced nerd and now this. Dwyane Wade is in the middle of a playoff run and this is the last thing he or the press needs to be dealing with.

Yes, everyone can now make a youtube video on their webcam, and yes now most of these stars are available to mention on twitter, so if they ignore a request like this then they seem like they are not in touch with their fans.

Social media can be an awesome way for fans to have interactions with their favorite athletes; like when J.J. Watt made that little girl Breanna’s dream wedding happen. Dometimes it just gets a little bit too cliche though.

Nicole Muxon, senior at Archbishop Carroll High School (Miami, Fla.), asked Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade to her school prom in the youtube video below.

Don’t get me wrong it is cute, but sometimes a truly original idea is one that can catch our imagination and this is not quite that.

Oh well, good luck to the young lady; something tells me Dwyane is going to be busy this Spring and Summer, but let’s just see how the Playoffs go for him this year. Apparently his knee is much healthier than last year, so that bodes well for his chances in the playoffs.

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