Whitney Young Center Jahlil Okafor Prides Himself In Having a "High Basketball IQ"

By Dave Daniels
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Jahlil Okafor had an incredible season in which he was named the Chicago Sun Times player of the year and was widely recognized as being one of the best players in the country. He is the most highly sought after recruit of the 2014 college basketball recruiting class and he is also seen as a package deal with Apple Valley point guard Tyus Jones. They have both said publicly that they would like to play at the same school; this is likely because they are good friends and have known each other since they were eight years old.

“I pride myself in having a high basketball IQ,” said Okafor to USAToday. “There are not too many situations or scenarios on the court that I wouldn’t understand.”

Modern day recruiting has become so rule oriented and it seems like most college coaches spend more time trying to avoid rule infractions than they do actually recruiting.

“These are guys I talk to literally every week,” said Okafor. “And I can’t even chop it up with them for a few seconds or shake their hands or anything? I mean I get that it’s a rule, but still that’s crazy.”

Jones has noticed a similar dynamic, but once their recruiting is done then hopefully things can become a bit more casual for the two future superstars.

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