Dave Telep Says LeBron James and Andrew Wiggins Comparison Is "Not Accurate"

By Dave Daniels
Gatorade- Susan Goldman

Some have said that Andrew Wiggins is the Canadian LeBron James or even the “anti”-LeBron James, because of Wiggins’ dislike of media attention. ESPN Recruiting analyst Dave Telep has a different theory altogether for why the two players get compared.

“Not accurate,” Telep said. “When LeBron came up, he was a complete and different deal. It’s predicated on a very uncommon 6-7 athlete, the kind of guy who really can take advantage of matchups with his speed, his wing size, sheer athletic ability. He’s a dangerous weapon in every area of the floor. He finishes at the rim like an NBA player. His first step is devastating.”

The real joy? Barring injury (knock on wood) we will one day get to see James and Wiggins play on the same court together. They will never be in their primes at the same moment, but wasn’t that the joy of seeing Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan on the court together? Or Kobe Bryant and James? We knew we would never see those players play against each other in their primes, but the fact that we got to see them play each other was the true joy.

I am definitely excited for that day to come for Wiggins and James. It won’t be long now. In the meantime, we will all await Wiggins’ college decision.

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