Some Media Outlets Believe Andrew Wiggins Is Leaning Towards Kentucky Wildcats

By Dave Daniels
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I have said in the past that Andrew Wiggins is like a mirror. He has revealed absolutely nothing about his recruitment to the media and that leads to us all (myself inlcuded) reflecting back the reality to our readers that we want to see. I have tried to remain unbiased, but my readers also know where I believe Wiggins will go. Stack recently wrote a nice piece on why they think Wiggins will go to Kentucky that I wanted to share below. I’ve bumped into Stack folks at various sporting events in the last year and they have always struck me as quite bright and hardworking.

The video clip in the article is quite interesting. Wiggins says he is playing with some folks at the Jordan Brand Classic who he could be playing with at the next level. Stack then takes the next step and concludes it likely means Kentucky, but there were also some future North Carolina Tar Heels at the Jordan game. So I’m still going to hold out hope for Tar Heel Nation, but if there are any updates on Wiggins’ situation you can be sure we will keep you updated at Rant Sports Prep.

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