Kris Joseph Says Andrew Wiggins Could "Definitely" Be Greatest Canadian Basketball Player Ever

By Dave Daniels
Gatorade- Susan Goldman

Adam Zagoria recently wrote a fantastic piece about Andrew Wiggins and he talked to fellow Canadian basketball player Kris Joseph who told Zagoria about the impact that Wiggins will have at the next level.

“You know what? Any school that he goes to, they’re gonna make that program revolve around him, you know what I mean?” Joseph told

Wiggins has not decided yet, but he has his list down to four schools. Joseph knows one thing though; Wiggins has the potential to be the greatest Canadian basketball player ever.

“He could be, he definitely could be with his game,” Joseph said. “A talent like that only comes around every so often and he definitely has ‘it.’ I’m just glad that there’s another Canadian kid out there getting that type of recognition. It’s great for him and it’s great for Canadian basketball.”

We will definitely keep an eye on Wiggins situation and here’s hoping that he comes to a decision sooner rather than later. Joseph is hoping that Wiggins goes somewhere he can make a tournament run at. He said that is sometimes hard to achieve in a one-and-done scenario, but that it is definitely still be doable for Wiggins. I had a chance to do a phone interview with Wiggins last month and he was both polite and professional. I look forward to seeing where he will play basketball next.

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