Some Outlets Claim Andrew Wiggins Is Down To UNC Tarheels and Kansas Jayhawks

By Dave Daniels
Rob Fulford- Twitter

There has finally been some twitter buzz over Andrew Wiggins! It’s like Christmas day for me, well not quite, that will be when Wiggins decides, but it’s still up there.

The above article is from and though it does not offer concrete evidence claims that Kansas Jayhawks and North Carolina Tar Heels are Andrew Wiggins’ top two choices. Andrew nor his parents have said this so it has to remain speculation until then.

Then, I noticed this other tweet and though it probably means nothing, apparently Roy Williams winked at a fan tonight when asked about Wiggins.

Let Tar Heel Nation proceed to read way too much into this. I have written in the past that I believe the Heels are the favorite, but have also pointed out that Wiggins has played his cards close to his chest throughout his recruitment. That is not likely to change anytime soon, but soon he might announce his intentions himself on twitter. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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