Kentucky Wildcats Will Be Title Contenders With or Without Andrew Wiggins

By Dave Daniels
©Randy Sager Photography Inc

Some recent twitter buzz has popped up about Andrew Wiggins possibly committing to the Kentucky Wildcats.

It remains to be seen whether this information has validity or not, but I pay attention to everything regardless and then try to sift through what is legitimate and what is not. It is all entertaining nonetheless.

Also, I came across an excellent piece about Wiggins that asks the question if the Wildcats actually need Wiggins to excel next year.

It is a fair question and the answer is clear. The Wildcats will be title contenders even without Wiggins next year. He sure wouldn’t hurt though and that is why John Calipari would definitely welcome the young forward into the fold.

He would make the Wildcats just absolutely vicious and probably completely unguardable as well. Who exactly can you double team on that squad. They already have what is being hailed as the best college basketball recruiting ever for goodness sakes; then you add on the top player in that recruiting class? That would be both historical and just absolutely ridiculous. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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