Mitch Wiggins says Kansas Jayhawks will "Be a Great Fit" for Son Andrew Wiggins

By Dave Daniels
Rob Fulford- Twitter

Mitch Wiggins has obviously been a huge influence on his son Andrew Wiggins. So much so that Mitch has helped his son grow in to a mature adult who made his college decision all by himself. That involved not committing to Mitch’s alma mater Florida State.

“Florida State was great for mom, it was great for dad,” Mitchell Wiggins to ESPN about his conversation with his son. “It’s your time. It’s not 20-30 years ago. And Florida State was a great choice. [Kansas] is a great fit. Hopefully Andrew stays humble, stays hungry. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Wiggins had a fantastic senior season and you can bet that we will be rooting for him here at Rant Sports Prep. He has been getting some serious twitter love (I tend to avoid the hate) and wanted to share some of it below.

Hopefully Wiggins has a fantastic season withe the Jayhawks; more than likely though we will be seeing him on a pro team. It remains to be seen whether he is the next Kevin Durant as Grantland recently proclaimed.

Can’t wait to watch this young man’s game develop.

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