Andrew Wiggins Apparently Saw Harrison Twins Insulting Vine Video and Did Not Like It

By Dave Daniels
Rob Fulford- Twitter

Did an insulting Vine video posted by the Harrison twins sway Andrew Wiggins away from the Kentucky Wildcats? Most likely not, but it is a pretty fun conspiracy theory after reading this tweet.

Aaron Harrison posted a video on his Vine account last Friday where you could hear a friend of his say “F*ck Andrew Wiggins”. That isn’t exactly rolling out the welcome mat for the young man is it? It probably had no effect on Wiggins’ decision, but you never know.

More news on this will probably not come out, but I’m really hoping the Jayhawks and Wildcats meet in the tournament; if they do I would expect Wiggins to play with a lot of fire against what is being hailed as the best college basketball recruiting class ever.

We’ll just have to see how this plays out, but if there is residual resentment from that Vine Video it will be fin by me. It will only make the games more competitive in what should already be a super competitive year of ball.

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