Julius Randle Can Compete For First Pick In Next Year's NBA Draft

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

So the boys in Lexington did not land Andrew Wiggins; something tells me they will be just fine next year with Julius Randle being the go to man in the post. Some analysts even believe Randle could play his way up the draft board a bit too.

“If Julius can figure out a few things at Kentucky next season, there’s no reason he won’t compete with Andrew for the top spot in the draft next season,” ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla said to wdrb.com. “He’s that talented and skilled.Right now he likes to play 50 percent on the block and 50 percent on the perimeter. If Julius can get those percentages to 70 percent on the block and 30 percent on the perimeter, he’ll make a major jump. His game is a little bit Lamar Odom and a little bit of Zach Randolph. If he can become a little more Zach Randolph, look out.”

Being compared to Zach Randolph is never a bad thing; hey he is in the Western Conference Finals right now, although he got embarassed today by a 2 point output. Ouch. He will have to do much more than that to win the series, but we will see what happens. It will also be fascinating to watch Randle’s game develop next year as well, but he can be scary for the Wildcats next year.

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