Kansas Jayhawks Head Coach Bill Self Thinks Andrew Wiggins is an Alpha Dog

By Dave Daniels
Gatorade- Susan Goldman

Kansas Jayhawks head coach Bill Self thinks Andrew Wiggins is an alpha dog, which was the most interesting thing I gleaned from the video below. Self seemed like he was legitimately surprised by Wiggins’ decision, so it is probably true that Wiggins did not really trust anyone with recruiting information outside of his parents. Really have to applaud Wiggins for the way he handled all the pressure and attention; he will be a star at the next level simply because of his ability to shut out the noise.


The alpha dog comment is curious to me, because there were a whole lot of alpha dogs down in Lexington. It makes you wonder whether if having space to be the man on the team was important to Wiggins. It was probably just a matter of fit, but you never know. It could have been a factor.

Wiggins freshman year with the Jayhawks should be fascinating to follow and it would not surprise me if he ended up winning many of the player of the year awards.

It should be a great year of college basketball and Wiggins will be at the forefront.

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