Kansas Jayhawks Commit Andrew Wiggins' Letter to Huntington was Classy

By Dave Daniels
Rob Fulford- Twitter

I recently saw the tweet below about Andrew Wiggins and I have to agree; his letter to Huntington featured in the Herald Dispatch was a fantastically classy gesture. You can check it out in the link below and it is quite touching actually, especially when he is mentioning his host family and what they have meant to him.

I also enjoy the section at the beginning where he thanks everyone at his high school even down to the janitor. It is also probably good news for Rob Fulford that Wiggins called his coaching staff the best in American and also singled out the strength training coach. That will probably help with getting even more high level basketball talent to Huntington Prep, which can never hurt a high school basketball program.

Wiggins would be the number one pick in this year’s draft, but thanks to the one and done rule he will have to delay that inevitability with a year of college. Bill Self is getting a special player down in Lawrence and he will have the unique advantage of having the best player on the floor every game next year.

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