Duke Blue Devils Commit Jabari Parker Dancing the Night Away At Prom

By Dave Daniels

So apparently Jabari Parker is heading to Prom tonight. Hope he and all of Simeon Academy have a lovely night and that every one gets home safe.

Parker definitely deserves a night off, but have to admit that I am extremely anxious and enxcited for his college career to begin. His skill level is sure to continue tot improve as well, because he dedicates so much of his time to putting work in at the gym.

These great high school players are like rare jewels, because the opportunities to see them play at the high school level are pretty limited. It is nice when they get to the college level, because then most if not all of their games are televised.

Stay tuned for a piece later today on Tyler Ennis and why he will most likely make the Canadian Junior National team. The Canadians appear to be putting quite a talented squad together and they will be a force to be reckoned with. For more recruiting updates you know can count on Rant Sports Prep, where we like our omelets spiiiicy.

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