Duke Blue Devils Jabari Parker's Practice Habits Are What Make Him Great

By Dave Daniels
Kirby Lee- USA Today Sports

Jabari Parker has been living in the gym since a very young age; there was even that Sports Illustrated story that talked about how he fell asleep in the gym of his Latter Day Saint church. Apparently that was the first gym that Parker dunked in as well, which is both kind of remarkable and symbolic.

It is Parker’s practice habits are what make him so great; the work he has given to his jump shot and handle clearly show and those will improve with age for him as well.

Honestly I think he is going to be a monster next season; the continued work that he puts into his game will show and he will dominate the ACC. I have predicted here before that I think he will be player of the year in the ACC, but that still remains to be seen. The games are not played on paper, they are played on the court and that is why I think Parker will be great. He has spent so much time practicing on the court, that it is bound to pay off for him in the end.

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