Whitney Young Center Jahlil Okafor Should Not Get Compared to Shaquille O'Neal So Early

By Dave Daniels
Mac Irvin Fire- Twitter

Jahlil Okafor being compared to Shaquille O’Neal is a bit much. I see the similarity in low post skill and also how they were both skilled passers out of the low block, but I don’t quite see it in the physicality. Chris Sheridan was the first to compare the two, which I noticed on twitter recently.

O’Neal was pretty much impossible to guard in his prime and it was more because of his sheer size than skill. Okafor is similar in size, but O’Neal as a high schooler was still lean. He could sprint down the floor with the ball make a spin move and then dunk it with authority, usually breaking the backboard in the process.

Have to admit here that I have never seen Okafor live, but these opinions are based on watching a lot of tape on Okafor as well as O’Neal. Maybe I am wrong and Okafor will go on to have a career even greater than O’Neal’s, but that is a pretty high bar to reach for. If he gets even close? Okafor will then have to be considered a first ballot Hall of Famer.

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