Rutgers Head Coach Eddie Jordan Finishing His Degree In Time For Regular Season

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

So apparently Rutgers head coach Eddie Jordan if finishing up his degree in time for next year’s regular season.

“I’m in school taking classes,” said Jordan to ESPN. “It’s fun and exciting. I’m doing my work, trying to squeeze it in and get done by December or by this time next year. Rutgers is my school, and I always wanted to finish. I showed that every summer while I was playing and came back and took a class. When I was volunteering coaching here, the registration got screwed up. I take the blame for that. I showed there was an intent on finishing, but once you get into coaching and you have a young family and you’re in the NBA, it’s hard. The NBA isn’t a résumé league.”

Jordan was a point guard for the Scarlet Knights from 1973 and 1977 and has spoken quite warmly of the place in the past. He is now the captain of the ship and we will see where he can take the Scarlet Knights.

He is truly a busy man right now what with recruiting going on and also having two classes on his plate; it must be a bit of a flash back to his college days as well.

Best of luck to Jordan next year and stay tuned later today for a piece on Jahlil Okafor.

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